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Learn with Issie

Issie is a dedicated and caring teacher, with a passion for helping students achieve their personal best. The patient and fun approach she applies to her teaching fosters a lifelong love of music in students. Her extensive teaching experience makes her an ideal teacher for students of all ages and abilities. Find out more about Issie's teaching and performance experience here

Lessons for anyone and everyone

  • Convenient Balwyn studio location

  • Able to travel to students for $10 travel fee

  • Online lessons available

  • Able to work on exam, audition or concert preparation, or just play for fun!

  • Able to teach to AMEB, ABRSM and VCE syllabuses

Flute lessons

  • Beginner to advanced students

  • Age 5 - adult (depending on size, younger children may need to start on the fife)

The beautiful, twittering bird of the orchestra, the flute is the oldest instrument known to human-kind, and has truly stood the test of time! With such an exquisite sound, it's no wonder so many wonderful melodies have been written for this instrument, from Morning at Peer Gynt, to Nutcracker dances, to Princess Leia's theme and everything in between. Learning the flute opens up a whole world of magical musical experiences. Whether you want to play in concert bands or orchestras, learn some of the incredible repertoire written for this instrument, or be able to play your favourite Disney tune, Issie would love to help you achieve your goals!

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Piano lessons

  • Beginner to intermediate students

  • Age 3 - adult

The piano is undoubtedly one of the world's most widely-loved instruments, and for good reason. It is perhaps the most versatile of all instruments, finding a place in countless genres and styles. It is also a wonderful introduction to the world of music and an ideal first instrument. Learning piano with Issie will unlock an array of new knowledge and skills, as well as a lifelong love of music. 

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Music theory/ musicianship/ aural skills lessons

  • Beginner to advanced students

  • Age 8 - adult

Music theory, musicianship and aural skills are critical skills for all musicians. Whether you're hoping to work towards AMEB or ABRSM exams, reinforce the theory and aural skills you're learning at school, or simply enhance your overall understanding of music, Issie would love to help you out.

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30 mins - $35

45 mins - $52.50 

60 mins - $70

My daughter’s flute playing was remarkably improved from the very first lesson with Issie. The thoughtful, creative and engaging approaches Issie took during the course of the lessons ensured improvement and enjoyment week after week. Issie built a delightful rapport with my shy 9 year old and I would absolutely recommend Issie for anyone wanting to start, develop or improve their playing.”

Issie was fantastic with our two girls.  She understood and was sensitive to each of their unique personalities and learning styles, and adapted lessons well.  Issie provided comprehensive lesson notes and practice guides which we found really helpful.  Both girls made amazing progress and enjoyed their lessons.  We felt very lucky to have found Issie.

- Megan R.

- Heidi G.

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