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My daughter’s flute playing was remarkably improved from the very first lesson with Issie. The thoughtful, creative and engaging approaches Issie took during the course of the lessons ensured improvement and enjoyment week after week. Issie built a delightful rapport with my shy 9 year old and I would absolutely recommend Issie for anyone wanting to start, develop or improve their playing.

- Megan R.

Issie was fantastic with our two girls.  She understood and was sensitive to each of their unique personalities and learning styles, and adapted lessons well.  Issie provided comprehensive lesson notes and practice guides which we found really helpful.  Both girls made amazing progress and enjoyed their lessons.  We felt very lucky to have found Issie.

- Heidi G.

Issie is very professional and engaging, but most of all, quite delightful. Issie's bubbly personality meant my daughter looked forward to her flute lessons and enjoyed the time she spent with Issie each week. Issie was very attentive and worked at my daughter's pace as a beginner to really cement the foundations for the flute. I highly recommend Issie as an excellent and kind music teacher for all ages.

- Louise C.

My daughter has been learning flute from Issie for the past 12 months.  As a beginner, I have seen her make excellent progress with Issie's guidance and she truly enjoys playing and seeing herself improve.  Issie provided specific and constructive feedback to support her and always offered praise for the little achievements.  I absolutely recommend her as a teacher, especially for younger students new to the flute.

- Cheryl M.

Issie taught my daughter for nearly 2 yrs. As a music teacher she was very professional and always strived to give her all in each lesson. 

She uses a variety of techniques to help students to improve themselves and reflect on their learning.Instead of just teaching, she always involved my daughter in the learning process by asking questions and encouraging self assessment. Her exceptional attention to detail and clear communication was very helpful as she taught theory and practical techniques, always giving time for trial and learning. 

We were fortunate to attend her performances and they were inspirational. I can’t thank her enough for guiding my daughters learning and being a part of her flute journey.

- Diane Pyo

Issie is a deep thinker and a very wonderful musician. She has much to offer us in her performances, with her musical imagination and impeccable technique.

Issie has been working with students of all ages over the last few years. I have been most impressed with her dedication and genuine interest in all of her students as individuals. During Issie’s time at Griffith University, she would often approach me, as one of her lecturers, to discuss her own approach with students and how best she could mentor and work with individuals and help them achieve their goals.

 Issie is a creative thinker and a strong leader. I have witnessed her organisational skills over the last four years and been most impressed with the outcomes.

- Virginia Taylor
Former Principal Flute, Australian Chamber Orchestra

'Dedicated, exceptionally talented, patient and kind' are some of the words I would use to describe Issie.

- Heather Pisani
Flute teacher, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School


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